Ms. Loubna Imenchal

Ms. Loubna Imenchal

VP / Head of Enterprise Business, Logitech


Loubna Imenchal is Logitech’s Head of Video Collaboration for the Africa, Middle East, and Central Asia region.

Loubna is an accomplished, results-driven senior management professional with more than 20 years’ experience leading teams in technology organizations and handling all aspects of sales and operational management, business development and B2B/B2C expansion across the Middle East, Turkey and Africa region.

With a strong personality, Loubna is adept at building dedicated leadership teams while also being committed to motivating and developing new talent through the establishment of effective mentorship programmes.

Loubna’s knowledge and experience of diverse technologies including telecoms, AI and automation has given her a unique understanding of technology’s potential to improve society. This has also given her the capacity to drive change in technology firms, reorganizing established practices for more focused, sustainable growth, and leading digital transformation efforts.

Immediately prior to joining Logitech, Loubna was Vice President and General Manager for EMEA at Johnson Controls. She has also held leadership and executive roles at companies including Jabra, Honeywell and FedEx.

Loubna has experience in coaching start-ups and teaching at the American university of Alkhawayn in Morocco in a volunteer capacity. She is also Co-leader of Education Think Tank in Morocco, an independent non-profit organization that challenges conventional thinking in education policy.

Loubna holds a Master of Business Administration degree from École des Ponts Business School, and an MPA in public affairs and lobbying from the University of Oxford.

In her spare time, Loubna enjoys spending time with her family, writing, and scuba diving.